MINIAS - Medium High Roast

MINIAS - Medium High Roast

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12 oz
Blackberries - Raspberries - Chocolate
Medium High Roast, with the objective to caramelize sugars working towards balancing the bright acidity.

Farm: La Divisa - 7.7 hectares
Farmer: Sebastian Gomez
Region: Armenia, Quindío. Central Colombian Andes
Process: Washed, Silo Dried
Altitude: 5,775 Feet asl
Variety: Castillo
Harvested: May 2018

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Saint Minias: Saint Minias was an Armenian prince serving in the Roman Army who later became a hermit on a hill near Florence. He was persecuted by the emperor for his beliefs and was ordered to worship the Roman gods. When Minias refused, he was put through a number of torments, including being burned, stoned, and fed to lions – from which he emerged unscathed. Finally, he was beheaded.

According to legend, he stood up, picked up his severed head, crossed the Arno River, and returned to his hermitage on the hill.