TIGRERO - Medium Roast

TIGRERO - Medium Roast

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12 oz
Yellow Fruits - Cinnamon - Sweet Chocolate
Medium Roast, with a darker aspect owing to the density of the bean, elevation and soil properties.

Farm: La Esmeralda - 9.6 hectares
Farmer: Maria Argenis Quiceno
Region: Andalucia, Valle del Cauca, Western Colombian Andes
Process: Washed, Sun Dried
Altitude: 5,137 Feet asl
Variety: Castillo
Harvested: May 2018

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Tigrero:  Armenia, Colombia was founded by Jesús María Ocampo, nicknamed "Tigrero," due to his love of hunting jaguars. He came to the mountains looking for shelter from General Gallo and to build a trade center, not only for himself, but also for other colonists. The city was initially called Villa Holguín, but the name was changed to Armenia to commemorate the Armenian people after the Hamidian Massacres of 1894–97 and the Armenian Genocide of 1915. To this day, Armenia remains one of the main centers of the national economy and of the Colombian coffee growing axis.